Top 10 SEO Forums that Every Marketer Should Read Daily

”Different strokes for different folks”, that is how I may quote it, when I stepped into the web world, I was able to absorb pieces of information about search engine optimization and that’s the time I was opened up to the fact that there are communities which are virtually existing and these are the SEO forums or sites. Bumping to each site, I have carefully chosen relevant information in order to define and highlight the importance of these SEO sites and some things in general about them.

The list I made for the top 10 SEO forums cited are in random order since the figures “Page Ranking” provides are not mainly about popularity ranking only of each SEO forum, although I even attempted to search which among these sites are being tagged or identified as the most “popular” or the most “favorite”, but there were no specification for this, surely there were battling of ideas about it, but as I can see it and because in my own prerogative, each one is unique from one another, but these are virtual avenues created to help, to express, to discover and to be utilized by different folks of different strokes.
Through the research I made Search engine ranking position is not that stable, since popularity of a forum cannot be measure because it depends on the actual needs and choices of the people on why or when they visit a certain site. There are factors to consider why people become a part of a certain forum, there are different goals, reasons, aims and intentions behind those affiliation that are being chosen by each individual, from the services that these things can offer, be it for profitable purposes up to the personal needs where SEO are applicable to be of use.
When I browsed and hopped into these top rated SEO forums I get to discover what defines each SEO forum from one another. In addition I included founders of the SEO to credit them for relentless works they have done. Let me give you heads up again that these are not enlisted in an ordinal position or manner.

1. Search Engine Watch or (SEW). When people want to know about website that provides news and information for search engines and search engine marketing this is the forum that you can visit. The person behind this is Mr.Danny Sullivan who started SEW in 1996.
2. Site Point. Mainly a forum for web developers, and it is also identified as a publisher of books, courses and articles provided for web creator. This forum was founded by Mr. Matt Mickiewicz and Mr. Mark Harbottle in 1999.
3. Submit Express. This is a social media networking and at the same time it is also a search engine optimization company, as per gathered information it is one of the oldest continuously operating SEO firms. Mainly offers services for link building, as well as blog creation, submissions, and article writing. It was founded by Mr. Pierre Zarokian in 1998.
4. It is the largest SEO forum, and a number of Search Engine Optimization. This is famous for its plugin products for the well known CMS’s such as WordPress and vBulletin. Unfortunately there was no data gathered for its originator.
5. Digital Point. This site had gained membership quickly and the major reason was the offering of all the popular and free tools. It’s the forum that created the AdSense revenue sharing model. Mr. Shawn D. Hogan is the founder and CEO of Digital Point Solutions, launched in 2004.
6. Warrior Forum. If the site you need is for profit, this is the community of professional Internet marketers the web world for ebook selling and home based business. Founded by Mr. Allen Says in 1997
7. High Rankings. Is a site that provides in-house training, it means that its work is to focus on the issues that causing a stop from receiving all targeted Google traffic that the site should be able to have, aside from that it offers Site audits for SEO and redesign consultation as the service being offered here. It was founded by Ms. Jill Whalen in 1995,

8. SEO Chat Forum. A dedicated community that was designed to guide and provide help for enthusiastic beginners, who are in need of improving their knowledge about Search engine optimization, wherein this also a forum that even professionals are getting same assistance. It was Mr. Darrin Ward as the founder of this forum in 2012.
9. Webmasterworld. A forum which is oriented and focused towards Google news. It was designed for professional Webmasters and even for site operators. The founder is Mr. Brett Tabke, and the CEO founded in the mid of 1999.
10. WebProWorld. When it comes to discussion and exploration of various search engine optimization topics, this is the forum that people can count on. But before webproworld came up as a forum, there was WebProNews, and iEntry’s flagship newsletter, were as the offshoot of ideas that came first, and it’s good to know that up until now it is a thriving portal for business. Founded in 2003.

Various forums for various needs of different folks, from the professionals on the businesses’ side and for education, including organizations, up to the non-pro side, who simply wanted to be heard through their blogs, there are numerous SEO forums to choose from and to belong to, where learning will not stop and exchanging of ideas are in fast phase.

As the years go by everything in the world wide web community will change for the best, there will be a lot of well defined SEO and SEO forums that will be created. I firmly believe that existing ones will be modified to completely adapt to the smoother and more productive needs of an individual and even for a certain group of people.
In the very near future I will keenly look forward to know more if the Page Ranking will be defined as a determiner for the popularity rate of a SEO forum, since changes are progressive in this nature, together with this is the Alexa Ranking, if ever this would certainly play a strong key role to determine the traffic visibility for all the SEO forums.

As an added knowledge, to know some brief information about SEO forums where I was able to understand their identifying roles and purposes, in totality it was greatly a gaining experience in my part, when I learned and explored the substance of varying SEO forums I know now that they play important functions, knowing that this generation, nowadays is depending on these search engines for they play vital roles in these entire internet community because they make it possible for everyone to reach and build bridging connections to tailor fit the necessity of people from different walks of life.

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