Top 10 Coming Soon WordPress Themes For Your Business

Coming soon wordpress themes are an ingenious creation that lets your viewers stay attached to your site even when you have nothing really important to show them or you are busy developing and structuring your website in a better way. During this idle period you cannot use your site to deliver the viewers interest and cannot leave it blank either.

So in order to let the user know that your site is under progress and you are possibly ready to launch it very soon with newer surprises, you can use the coming soon wordpress themes. These are quite attractive in their design and there are too many of them to choose from. These themes create a positive impression on your customer especially when you are perfectly busy and have nothing to provide them in real.

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Here is a list of the top 10 coming soon wordpress themes that might interest you:

Landis theme

A clear and very simple theme design to let the customer know that your site is under construction. It is suitable for all sites that are under progress status of construction or redesigning. Besides it also has a timer at the bottom that lets the viewer see the probable time limit within which your site is going to be accessible and this time limit can be provided by you. It has got some attractive customizable color schemes that suit your style and taste. Each and every element of this theme is customizable and easy to set up just by making the necessary changes in the source files.

Ready 2 Launch Theme

This is a wordpress coming soon theme that is available in HTML or CSS option. It is very convenient to set up with a good deal of customizable features and an attractive design to let your viewer understand that you are currently busy and will be launching enough. This theme also has got a countdown timer that tells your viewer how long you will be busy and it lets you grab attention without spoiling the opportunity of dissatisfying your viewer. It has got an admin option page and ready to implement mail form. Besides wordpress 3.0 custom menus are ready in this. The bottom line is that it is indeed a very suitable theme for almost any under construction web site.

Launcher Theme

it is a stylish and beautifully designed wordpress theme telling that you are about to launch your website. This one also has got a timer with the similar purpose of displaying an estimated waiting time for the viewer. The features of this theme are that it is free, it is a responsive theme, a subscription box to keep your viewers updated, twitter integration, social media integration and a technically designed option panel where no programming knowledge is required for configuration. Besides, by dragging the mouse pointer on the rocket image one can see the rocket taking off from the launching ground. This is bound to make any viewer smile.

Delicious theme

A free to use wordpress theme with a stylish and clean black design that displays the message that your site is yet to be ready and fully functional. It also has that similar countdown timer showing the approximate waiting time. Other features included are custom logo upload, a variety of color schemes for you to choose from for the most attractive get up that you wish to have, subscription box for updating your viewers so that they don’t miss the launching of your site, Built in SEO support and multi language support. Custom widgets are also included.

Be back Theme

an extremely elegant looking coming soon wordpress theme with a timer displaying the waiting time and a space showing the launching date too. Besides there is a progression bar that shows the percentage of work completion about the site building. It is absolutely free, with a built in twitter bootstrap, full screen background and background slide show, 22 social network links, PSD logo file, cross browser compatible, responsive layout, valid HTML, well documented and easy to use.

Smart cart Theme

stylish and attractive wordpress theme with a modern design that soothingly lets your viewer understand that your site will be available soon. It is the only theme that does not require any back links. It is absolutely free to use, with text based company heading name and HTML based design. However, this makes it a little difficult for use as a certain amount of HTML knowledge is necessary for customization purposes. It has got an inbuilt link to shopping grocery and an email id with contact details.

Time laph Theme

It is a highly customizable stylish looking modern theme theme. It is very attractive due to its sleek design and trendy outlook. It has got feed burner integration with custom layouts and a few suitable color schemes. To notify it is absolutely free of cost available at the wordpress templates gallery. You can download and install it anytime you like. The theme has got cross browser compatibility, custom background, custom logo designing, subscription box to keep your viewers updated, compatible with wordpress 3.0+ and can be used very suitably with a any under construction sites or landing page, or simple outlook websites.

Changing Room Theme

the concept of this theme is that of a dressing room showing that you are busy changing and will be back in no time. The theme displays a very eye catching changing room placard hanging. You can switch colors between red and blue and the text is customizable that says “please excuse us”. It is Feed burner RSS integrated and an email support icon. It is absolutely free to use.

Maintenance Mode Theme

it is also a stylishly designed theme to let your customer know that you are temporarily out of service but will be here soon. It is facebook and twitter integrated, with unique customized backgrounds and a countdown timer displaying the waiting time for the customer. It has a subscription option too.
Wp launcher Theme- Attractively designed coming soon theme with customizable features and trendy looks serving the purpose as a domain parking theme. Feature included are sign up form by google feed burner, a strong back end option panel with RSS feed, twitter, social bookmarking, launching date with countdown timer display board, and many more.
These are a few of the most attractive coming soon wordpress themes each slightly different in their looks and features and ready for you to choose from.

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